Cheeky Chomper Caught

A Lozells man bit off more than he could chew back in 1951 when found guilty of theft from chomping on a chocolate bar.

Cast of the offender's teeth

Cast of the offender’s teeth

The case of Hugh Creaney Laverty was a rare one in the 1950s because it was his teeth marks that proved his guilt.

The 30 year old was sentenced to two years in prison after forcing open a safe and stealing cash at Messrs Shanks and Company in Birmingham in January 1951.

The thief found a bar of Crest chocolate in an office drawer and tucked in, leaving it half eaten.

Mr Anderson, a lecturer in prosthetics at Birmingham University, was able to make an impression of the accused’s teeth and match them to marks left in the chocolate.

A striking feature in the impressions was the feature of missing teeth in the upper jaw, which matched that of Hugh Creaney Laverty’s teeth, proving his guilt.

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