Heartbroken Henry Hung

henry-kimberleyA scorned Birmingham lover ended his life on the end of the hangman’s noose after a failed reconciliation attempt with his ex-girlfriend.

In 1884, 53 year old Henry Kimberley followed his former girlfriend, Mrs Harriet Steward to the White Hart Beer House in Paradise Street, Birmingham. She was staying there with her friend and wife of the publican, Mrs Emily Palmer.

Harriet and Henry had previously lived together but had argued so much they had finally parted, with Henry promising to leave her alone. Henry convinced Harriet to come back, but their problems continued, and a few days before Christmas he threatened to shoot her.

Harriet had escaped to her friend Emily’s pub when Henry found her and tried to convince her to come back to him. After a long conversation, he calmly asked her, “Have you determined – are you going to live with me or not?” To which she replied “No, I am not”.

Henry then drew a gun out of his pocket and deliberately fired at her head. The bullet hit the left side of her skull and she fell to the floor. Emily Palmer ran to help her friend but Henry shot her in the neck.

After a desperate struggle involving a postman and a butcher, PC William Hart arrested Henry Kimberley and took the gun off him.

Emily Palmer later died in hospital from her injuries.

Henry was found guilty of murder and in March 1885, was hung within the precincts of Her Majesty’s Prison Winson Green, Birmingham

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