Search for Police Headquarters

In 1972 the prospect of a new, larger metropolitan force starting in just two years set off a search for a headquarters to replace the previous accommodation used by Birmingham Police at Newton Street.

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Lloyd House in the early 70s

City engineers hoped to build a new headquarters in the legal district, but the site was earmarked for a new magistrates court, forcing them to seek another solution.

The Watch Committee of the day decided that a central site was important and decided in favour of renting Lloyd House at a cost of £140,000 a year from Messrs Stewart and Lloyd.

Lloyd House had been built between 1960 and 1961 to be the headquarters for steel stockholders Stewarts and Lloyds Ltd.  The story goes that the building has an ‘L’ shape to represent the Lloyd half of the company and the name to match.

The first officers, from the City of Birmingham Police, moved into the building in the early part of 1973. However the move was not a welcome one, with staff complaining about poor heating conditions on some floors and the ‘lack of character’ of the building.

Lloyd House has been the subject of several refurbishments and remains the headquarters for the force today.