The Drunks Blacklist

Back in the early nineteen hundreds, photo albums were not just used to showcase memorable events. In the Police Museum one special photo album names and shames local habitual Birmingham drunkards.

The drunks blacklist

The drunks blacklist – Thomas Lawin

The ‘Black List’ album, which featured photographs and descriptions of drunken louts was brought into practice not long after the Licensing Act was introduced in 1902.

The information provided and shared amongst publicans was very detailed because it was an offence to knowingly sell alcohol to drunk people. Licensed premises flouting the law could be closed down in an instant by the police of the district.

Characters in the album include:

Alice Tatlow

Alice Tatlow

25 year old Alice Tatlow from George Street West – who was well known by local publicans for her regular drunk and disorderly behaviour. Described as a ‘Polisher and Prostitute’, stout built Alice not only had her photograph on the Black List, there were also details of the four tattoos on her hands and arms.

Homeless 50 year old Thomas Lawin – found drunk in a pub in 1903, he was sentenced to 14 days hard labour and ordered to pay 10 shillings and costs.

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